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Article Marketing Services

Today, each business owner can benefit from article marketing. Whether you provide a service, sell a product, market information or are involved in direct sales or affiliate marketing it doesn’t matter. Article marketing is an amazing tool to build your business. It is a brilliant way to promote a product, service, website or blog. The name defines it all: ‘article marketing’ means marketing your products/services with articles and it’s easy to implement.

article marketing services

Article marketing strategies is one of the oldest strategies used by online marketers to obtain new visitors and increase sales on their websites. The essential purpose of article marketing is to attract wider online audiences & increase the no. of sales opportunities for products or services offered on websites by a company.

What is Article Marketing?

Article marketing is a method of advertising consisting writing short 4-500 word articles related to your business or field. The articles are distributed using dedicated article distribution websites. Good articles can potentially send traffic to your website through embedded links and can help to attract new customers.

What is Article MarketingArticle marketing strategies usually consists of the following:

* Well written articles based on relevant keywords.
* Submitting these well written, original articles on Blogs (starting with your own blog) directories and social networks.
* Getting more links to these blogs through submission to article directories and other outlets on the Web.
* Writing additional summary of articles for press releases about these articles


What kind of customers is effectively marketed with article marketing?

Article Marketing Techniques

Article marketing techniques are extremely customizable, allowing it to meet the demands of a wide potential customer bases. Today, most of the customers conduct research online, which provides direct, low-cost access to millions of potential customers.

By serving relevant & unique, timely content about a topic or subject, any company selling any type of service or product can reach their target audience and develop new sales opportunities with the right content.


Here is how Article Marketing works:

1) Writing of an article with author name and web site linked embedded either in the body of your article or the footer. What you can or cannot do depends on the specific editorial policies of the specific article marketing site.

2) You post it to top article marketing or article submission sites.

3) When people read your article, they will more likely click on your link(s) and generate new traffic to your web site.

#8 Benefits of Article Marketing Strategies

  • Provide valuable knowledge


The articles you submit and publish help people solve their queries, learn more, and find relevant answers to their questions.

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you own, you have knowledge people are looking for.


  • Build credibility

Builds Brand Credibility and Trust


When you share your knowledge with people, you help to set up yourself as a professional. The more knowledge and information you provide, the more credibility & reliability you have.


  • Increase brand awareness

Role of Viral Marketing In Brand Awareness

Article directories have a broad reach. Writers submit their article to them, they publish it online & your article is available for reprint on blogs and websites around the world. Don’t need to worry, the businesses that use your article keep your contact information, links, and bio 100% undamaged.

Write a good article and it could be published in more & more different websites. Each one of these websites has their own target market and group of visitors who will, once they read your article, be aware of you and your business.


  • Increase exposure

Influence marketing techniques


Advertising and marketing thumb rule indicates it takes about 3 to 7 exposures for successful brand recognition. It means if someone sees or goes through something related to your business, an article, your logo, an online ad, a few times, then you’ll be part of their sentiments.

Think about how many McDonald’s commercials you saw as a child. It doesn’t matter if you like the place or not, it’s more likely the first thing you think of when someone says fast food. Article marketing techniques helps you reach your target customers and potential customers several times.


  • Drive traffic to your website

Increase in Website Traffic

Each & every article that you write will contain a bio box. Your bio should include a link to your website.

If you insert a little teaser at the ending or conclusion of your article then your reader’s will click through to your website to learn more about your business and what products/services you have to offer.


  • Promote your products or services

CRO Conversion Rate Optimization services

Your article can help you to promote & make people aware of your products or services.

While you will want to make sure the article provides value, no one wants to read a sales pitch, you can throw in a few “suggestions” to promote your business.


  • Increase SEO with links

improve search engine ranking

The more people that publish your article, the more links you’ll have back to your website. Search engines search for quality links to your website when determining your page ranking.


  • Earn new customers

Article marketing services will give you new customers. Whether your business is brand smacking new or you’ve been in business for years, you will gain new customers from article marketing. It’s almost guaranteed.

generate leadsSearching for a solution, they’ll jump online to do some research, they’ll find your article, you’ll impress them with your knowledge, they’ll click to your website and you’ll get a new customer.

Top Article Marketing Companies

  1. DigitalPugs
  2. BrainPulse
  3. Brafton
  4. EasyMediaNetwork
  5. SubmitEdgeSEO
  6. BEdigitech
  7. AdsOnSearches
  8. SEOeaze
  9. CorpzoneServices
  10. SuntecMarketing


Article marketing is a win win opportunity. You win by increasing your exposure with a free marketing tool and your customers win because they benefit from your knowledge.

Indulging in article marketing services is a great way to position yourself as the authority on a set of keywords that are relevant to your market and thereby, overshadow your competitors in Website traffic, rankings and ultimately website conversions for your business.

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