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Meta tags Google never recommend

meta tags

Special Meta Tags that Google understands Google supports both page-level meta-tags as well as inline directives to control how your web-pages appear in SERPs. Page-level Meta tags are the best way for webmasters to provide your web-pages information to search engines. Meta tags are used to provide web-pages information to …

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#25 Free Image Sharing Sites 2019-20

image sharing sites

What Are These Banner/Image Sharing Sites? Banner or Image Sharing sites are absolutely free resources using which one can bookmark images from one’s website or blog. Definitely, it helps to generate links and also to increase ranking in search results. In simple words, these Image Sharing sites are helpful in …

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Directory Submission Sites List 2019-20

Directory Submission Sites List

Directory Submission Sites: When we’re talking about directory submission sites, we must know about what is Directory submission? it’s one of the most popular link building techniques and therefore it is a part of SEO. Simply depending on a single link building never helps you significant in boosting SEO or …

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Top #25 Business Listing Sites

local business listing sites

Local Business Listing Sites Business listing sites are also known as local citation sites, are the sites to promote your business in the local or global areas. Listing your business on these sites are the most profitable in terms of boosting your online presence and promoting your products and services …

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Top #25 Article Submission Sites

article submission sites

Top 25 High PR Article Submission Sites List 2019-20 Article submission is the process of submitting an article related to your website or business to high-quality websites which accepts free article submission. The purpose of doing submission on article submission sites is to increase the visibility and the popularity of …

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Improve SEO with Google Page Speed

Google Page Speed

How to Improve Google Page Speed Score Do you know how to improve Google page speed score? OK, let’s say, Have you ever had one of those moments where you’re staring at your phone waiting for a web page to load, you’ve got a full signal, and nothing’s happening? This …

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Black Hat SEO Techniques 2017-2018


Black Hat SEO Techniques in a Nutshell Black Hat SEO techniques is an unethical practice involving the improvement of ranking of your website or violation of Google Guidelines. With Black Hat SEO technique, hackers try to manipulate search engine and misguide it about your website. Though it might achieve its …

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Infographic submission and it’s need in seo

Understanding Infographic submission in SEO

What are Infographics and why it is important for SEO – An Infographic is a graphical representation of information integrated with data. They are basically used for sharing information and building back links . Infographics are most popular among audience these days since they find it interesting than regular text. Infographic submission …

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Social Bookmarking Importance & Benefits


How Social Bookmarking and its Importance play role in SEO?   Social Bookmarking comes under the umbrella of Off-page SEO techniques in which we share our favourite web pages or links to the different social bookmarking websites and access them anytime, anywhere on any device with internet connectivity. It helps …

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HTTP Status Codes in SEO

http status codes SEO best practice

HTTP status codes are the responses that servers give for user’s requests. When we want to visit some website, our browser sent some request to site server, server sends a response to the browser’s request with three digit codes known as “HTTP Status Codes”. Status codes are the conversation codes …

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Article Submission in SEO

Article Submission

How Article Submission is effective in SEO Article submission implies writing article that is relevant to your business and submitting it on different article submission sites. This part of off page SEO is considered to be quite challenging because of the need of engaging and compelling article that is full …

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Off page SEO techniques


Off Page SEO Techniques- what and why Off page SEO techniques are primarily used for promotion of a business’s products and services. It helps websites in improving their website traffic as well as ranking of SERP. Off page activities  focuses on link building through Article promotion, Images/Banner , Forums, Blogs, Classified …

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Tips for getting ROI from SEO

Tips for getting ROI from SEO

Tips for getting ROI from SEO The internet is full of the articles and blog posts, these posts do not just teach you how to measure ROI from SEO, at the same time backed by the best of the tools too. In different words, they are the techniques which enable …

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Effective Link Building Techniques for 2018


Link Generation Techniques: White Hat Links It has been ages that the link building efforts were avoided. The world is ever-changing and dynamic and those who fail to adapt to the changes have to die. The world today requires more skills, tools, details, and perseverance. It used to be a …

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SEO Audit & How do initial site analysis

SEO audit or Initial Site Analysis - how to perform seo audit

SEO Audit & how to do initial site analysis?: SEO Audit: Basically SEO audit or initial site analysis is the same, while doing SEO audit we just make an overview report or site’s summary which effect a website but at the time of initial site analysis (In-depth analysis), we check …

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WordPress SEO Tips


WordPress SEO Tips: WordPress SEO Tips, Let’s check about how to optimize your wordpress based website and what things we should look into while SEO optimization for such sites. But before WordPress SEO Optimization, let’s know about: What is WordPress? Basically, it’s easiest and most powerful CMS(Content Management System) or website creating …

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Content Marketing Techniques


Content Optimization and Planning: “Content Marketing Techniques & Strategies are skills that’s in high demand in now a days, but finding resources to learn it is difficult – Learn how to create an effective content strategy so that you can build an online audience presence with the our Content Marketing …

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OnPage SEO Techniques


Importance of On-page optimization in SEO: OnPage SEO techniques, cover all those activities performed in a web-page to optimize as per search engines guidelines. Or we can say that, it’s a methodology of making a site as per search engine norms (such as Website architecture & design, URL structure, Keywords …

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SEO Onpage Offpage Techniques

ON Page vs OFF Page seo techniques

SEO (search engine optimization): Basically, it cover On-Page Optimizations and Off-Page Optimizations or Promotions of a website. ON Page vs OFF Page Optimization: SEO Onpage Offpage Techniques, On-page cover all those activities performed in a web-page to optimize as per search engines guidelines. Or we can say, It refers to …

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Competitive Analysis & Strategies

Competitor Analysis & strategies

Competitive Analysis & Strategies Competitive Analysis: As we know, to run a business is not so easy in nowadays, whether it’s offline or an online business. There’s always a big competition in the market, because of increase in number’s of similar businesses in the same industry. So it’s important to …

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Keywords Research Analysis


Keywords Research Analysis What are keywords? Before knowing about Keywords Research Analysis, we should know “what’re Keywords” are some sets of words or phrases on which you wants your business(website) to be rank. In general, it’s a user searched query, it make possible for users, to find you on search engine. We should target rich …

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Google Search Operators

google search operators

Google Search Operators: Find anything on Google Google Search Operators: You can use search operators and other punctuation to get more specific search results. Search operators are words that can be added to searches to help narrow down the results. [Note: When you search using operators or punctuation marks, don’t …

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How to increase website traffic ?

How to increase website traffic

Increase Web site Traffic? How to increase Web site Traffic: Generally, Traffic is determined as the number of visitors visit to my web-pages. Basically Web-traffic is popularity of a website or individual page or sections within a site. This can be done by viewing the traffic statistics found in the web …

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Search Engines and How They Works?


Introduction to SERP: A search engine results page is the page, when a user search for any query and in-returns search engine display some relevant results on user’s GUI is known as SERP s (Search Engine Result Pages), although the page may also contain other results such as text advertisements …

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search Engine Optimization- seo

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Starter Guide for Beginners Who is this guide for? This guide will help you to understand, what is search engine and how it works? By using this guide anyone can easily able to understand and implement SEO in their sites and gain search engine rankings. Let’s …

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