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Digital Marketing Changes in 2018

Digital Marketing Changes: Marketing strategies keep changing with time but in 2018, the shift will be bigger than previous years. New trends (digital marketing changes 2018) have started but marketers and brands are in no mood to blindly follow the trends. They want results that can be achieved only through experiments. The market will be more customer-driven than technology, but technology will continue to guide marketers in their efforts.

Here’re a dozen of trends and digital marketing changes could expect in 2018

Digital Marketing Changes in 2018:

1# Digital won’t be a standalone experience in 2018

Professional sports and arena events have already started it. The online experience starts prior to the event and continues throughout and even after the event. It is expected to cease to be a separate discipline and integrate into real-life experiences. Experts are of the opinion that marketers would experiment new ideas to bring digital and real life experience closer.


2# Influencers will no longer be influencers in 2018

The multimillion dollar influencer market will collapse by the end of 2018. It isn’t that influencers will lose their impact on brand building but that there will be few influencers that can drive results or awareness. Simply put, the focus of influencer market would be on education and not ROI. Presently influencers have little impact on results or ROI. Or it would be better to say that brands overlook results under the influence of their influencers.


3# More ads with a specific purpose in 2018

The minimum-time-spend on ads has shrunk to the level where ads become good for nothing. In 2018, the online ads will see a drastic change in their design. It will be more specific or singularly purposed. It is like serving one offer at a time. Also the mobile ad platform like Facebook, Snap-chat and Instagram will display maximum thrust and growth in 2018.


4# Impersonalized email blasts will be a thing of the past in 2018

The online ad market has become hyper-targeted; time spend on ads has shrunk and marketers will start making singularly purposed ads. To support these ads, they need personalizing all the stages of sales funnel. Focusing on every interaction with targeted audiences has become very important. The singularly purposed ads will establish a personal connection with viewers. It will be through personalized landing pages.


5# All old metrics will be rolled into one in 2018

Smart digital marketing can’t work with old cumbersome metrics that show different results. The new marketing would start with rolling of all metrics including CPM (impressions), CPC (clicks), CPL (leads) and even CPP (pixels) into one that is Cost Per Experiment. Availability of many marketing channels and tools has necessitated a need of experimenting with metrics instead of blindly following what the metrics show.


6# Native advertising will see a boost in 2018

Brands will rely more on native language to engage targeted customers. It isn’t first time that companies are using the native lingo of audiences but native lingo will become the prime vehicle for delivering marketing messages. It is found that use of native language increases the opportunity of viral sharing of messages by developing an emotional relationship with targeted audiences.


7# Voice marketing will see an upward trend in 2018

The present volume of voice search on Google is 20% but it is expected to increase more than 50% in 2018. With more and more consumers using Alexa, Siri and smart fridge technology for shopping, brands have to be more voice search friendly. They will need content to serve in voice search results.


8# Look beyond blogs in content marketing 2018

Featured snippets have already occupied top search result pages and voice search is also here to change the content. While features snippets give quick insight on the search query, voice search can provide detailed interactivetutorials to consumers. It is intelligent content that users can interact with. Regular blogging will continue to guide users in their queries but it will take a backseat in 2018.


9# Live videos will become more professional in 2018

In content, it is a video that is more interactive than words. Whether it is an introduction to a product or tutorial for a task, video content can have a lasting impact on viewers. But the focus is on live video and shaky and blurred video content will no longer be acceptable. The live video trend has started on social media with Facebook leading in live video content publication.


10# Conversation with user interfaces in 2018

Amazon’s Alexa is an ideal example of a conversational user interface that is capable of doing many things including providing weather and traffic information; making a to-do list; setting alarms and providing other real time info. Similarly, Google’s Assistant and Microsoft’s Cortana can help people in many ways. These interfaces have already intruded into the search market and their position strengthening with time. This technology allows brands to interact with consumers and also provide information in real time.


11# AR will become a reality in 2018

Powerful mobile devices and accessible social media channels have fueled the AR market in last year. Brands will use Augmented Reality to interact with customers over mobile devices. Pokemon Go has shown how AR ads can work for brands. The consumers can be targeted with location based ads that can be accessed and viewed only in that location. It is like guiding customers to brand stores. AR ads are still at a nascent stage but they will soon become full-fledged ads.


12# New understanding of customer journey in 2018

Data will continue to guide digital marketing changes in 2018 but it will be more focused on reality than on mere assumptions. Brands will dig deeper to know what pleases their customers. They will analyze the entire purchasing path and create ads that walk the customers through the sales channel for successful deals.



Digital marketing is a wide subject with impact on every aspect of real life. It influences decisions in many ways as people rely more on electronic information for knowledge and education.In 2018, the distance between offline and online marketing will reduce considerably.

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