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Effective Link Building Techniques for 2018


Link Generation Techniques: White Hat Links

It has been ages that the link building efforts were avoided. The world is ever-changing and dynamic and those who fail to adapt to the changes have to die. The world today requires more skills, tools, details, and perseverance.

It used to be a hot topic about the links contributing as ranking factors. There are SEO who have been only focusing on the content and started avoiding the On-Page SEO links with many excuses.

Google provided the confirmation that Links are important and can be said to be the #1 factor for deciding on ranking, other than the content itself. The Ranking does not get optimized without the links, and it is also one of the factors for the collaborative efforts. Google looks for links other than any other factor.


Permanent change in the Google Penguin

In the early April 2012, there used to be a time when people would buy the ranking position. It was also an era of exposers of links, it was a golden period wherein you could have better learning at the same time you could look after the Links and you could manage ranking on the first search engine results page. The days have gone now. The Google has adopted the Penguin spam filter permanently as its core algorithms and is based on the real time.


The Effective Link Building Techniques for 2018

Generating the backlinks

You may find it the best way to start and that becomes more imperative in case you are a beginner. Consider your friends, family, relatives, clients, partners etc. who run a site or blog. Ask them to provide you with the backlink. It is always advisable to have the in-content link in place of links on the sidebar or the header or footer.

At the same time, make sure that the backlink is given by a website which is relevant or working in the same segment. Else it will not generate the related lead.


CRM or Customer Relationship Management

The link building is based on the relationship that you enjoy with your customer’s both existing and potential customers. You get a lot of new opportunities to build new contacts day in and day out. The contacts as per your segment and niche in the communities: blogs, forums, social groups etc. on social media sites.

Once you are an active member of these communities and start your contribution, you get the information about the new happenings in the industry and also the backlinks.


Testimonial Platform

It is a win-win situation for both the parties. Nowadays businesses offer you the opportunity to write good words about your experience on using the products and services. Whereas they generate the customer trust, and you get an opportunity to get a backlink and boost website traffic.


Blogging is a Good Idea

The Blogging is always considered and in real terms to is a good idea of getting backlinks. But for god’s sake don’t just post a blog having a single backlink. Because it is a risky proposition and you lose the credibility of your website and blog as well. Your blog should be kept alive.

Keep writing the posts and blogs religiously on regular basis as per the focus of your industry. With the passage of time, you will gain command and authority in your respective industry.

This is the best of the ways to double check and ensures that the rest of the world talks about you, also provide a backlink to your website.


Video Marketing

Video Marketing is also a one of the effective technique nowadays for link building. It is effective because most of the people do not want to read long articles or blogs. You can just deliver your messages to your followers by posting an effective and short length video. YouTube is the best platform where you can post videos. You can give your website link in the description and it will count as a strong backlink to your website.


Use Credible and Trustworthy Directories to list your website

A number of online directories functions nowadays, but they have no real value or contribution. Even the google does not consider them to search results and excluded them thoroughly. But at the same time, it is imperative to note that all are not useless. The respective and niche industry directories provide the appropriate information. It is advised to use those credible and trustworthy directories to list your website.


Good Quality and Relevant Guest Posts

Before accepting and publishing the blogs posts and articles. Look for the good quality and relevant guest posts, at the same time check the relevance to your website too before publishing. The poor or unstructured articles can bring down your reputation.

Here’s the list of 1500+ quality blogs that accept guest posts.


Expert Advice on SEO Resources and Training Inputs

It is really a tricky and difficult job to have the links. Therefore, you should always seek professional help and professional tools too. The professional expert advice on SEO resources and training inputs can help in the long run for the success.


Understanding the competitors’ strategy and common backlinks

You need to do research on your competitors as well, it may be noticed that they do have common backlinks and strategy which you may not be having. Choose top 10 competitors and do your research and compile a report. Here CBLT will be helpful in your research.


Generation of indirect backlinks from competitors

The big authorities in the industry are usually linked to your as well as competitors site as well. You need to find out the sites where your competitors generally linked to. Most of the times the competitors are linked to the authorities’ sites in the same niche you are working in.


Reviving the Dead backlinks or inactive backlinks

It may so happen that with the passage of time the links on your site got broken. It may be due to the change in the location of your website or page and it will show as 404 error.

These problems surface whenever a site is relaunched or have been shifted or migrated. They need little correction and redirection to be revived.


Restoring and Reviving the Dead Links on Wikipedia’s

Google looks for the Wikipedia as a trustworthy and credible site. There may be the prevalence of the broken or dead links on Wikipedia too. You can find a free and good tool for rectifying and restoring the Wikipedia links by the name Wikigrabber. The keywords can be searched here and the links can be revived.


Convert the Mentions into backlinks strategy

It is the best and the easiest strategy to convert your mentions into the backlink. Someone has already mentioned you or your brand or the product, you just need to convert those mentions into the backlink to generate more traffic and conversion on your site. You can use the tool called Backlink Profiler or BLP: Mentions for the purpose.


Churning out healthy backlinks from the Biggest Competitor

The Google update and launch of Penguin in the year 2012, the concerns of webmasters have changed and they are no more just strong links they require to be safe as well.


Keeping an eye on competitor’s new links as well

It has been observed that the quick response results in the success or failure too. You need to keep an eye on your competitor’s new links as well. You can use Link Alerts or LA tool to be informed about the competitors.


Broken Link Building

Broken link building, one of the most effective backlink building technique these days. Just find the broken links in niche websites or competitors website and inform the website owner of the same. Or, you can also ask the owner for replacing that link with your website link. It is not necessary you will get the backlink but if you get so it will be beneficial for you.


Author Bio: Prince is working in Website Designing Company in India at Web Designing House. He is Expertise in SEO, SMO, Content Marketing. Area of interests is Website Designing, Website Development and Gaming.

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    • Hi Jan Zac
      As you said you are trying to promote your Business and you tried AdSense and Facebook Ads. But, AdSense is nothing to do with promotion, it is a tool that allows you to make money online by allowing ads on your website (when you have Good traffic on your Website).

      Facebook Ads are good for new Business and most of the Small Businesses prefer Facebook ads. Facebook Ads help your targeted audiences or your potential customers to find you.

      You can promote your Website by run paid ads called PPC (Pay Per Click) or Google Ads. This helps you to get the instant results on Google Searches and show you on the top of the search results but depend on Budget and required a good budget.

      You want to improve SEO of website so you should focus on the many things and SEO helps you to bring more organic traffic to your website but it takes time to show you the result on SERP.

      It requires hard work.

      I go to your website and your website is good and simple but on the home page, your Footer part can be better.
      Images on your website are large in size so, compress the image size to reduce the webpage load time.
      Improve the server response time to your website
      Add alt attribute the images to make them easily understandable fo the SE crawlers
      Build backlinks to your websites from the niche and high authoritative websites.

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