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Google Design Sprint- How does it work

Google Design Sprint- How does it work


What is Google Design Sprint– How does it work:  Nowadays, there are many start-ups are founded every day. They bring forward with unique ideas to their clients. However, with the launch of new service and products, high risks are involved. It is very important to understand the level of risks and handle it properly to have better results in the market. In such cases, if you go for selecting Google Design Sprint, then you will have better results.

A Google Design Sprint is the process of five phases with the feature of time constraint which uses the facility of design thinking for reducing the risk associated with new products as well as new services. It is essential to identify the goals and other assumptions for launching the products. This identification can be easily done with the help of Google Design Sprint. It will tell you about how right your validate assumptions are. Overall, it will help you in planning UX design in a better way for your users.

As you are using Google Design Sprint, no need to go into a full cycle of idea generation. So, without going through the whole process of idea building, launching and learning, you can evaluate ideas. You can easily get the idea of opportunities available in the market. Gaining feedback without actually launching the product is an excellent thing to do. Spending huge sum of money in launching the project and then getting feedback is not a smart move. Therefore, opting for Google Design Sprint is a good option in your hands. Getting ideas on finished projects as well as the reaction of customers on your product is a smart move.

What do you mean by Google Design Sprint?

It is a methodology used for business purposes for product design along with user experience. It is the framework of 5 phases and helps in answering some important questions related to business which can help in launching the product at a faster rate. Putting the user, technology and business as the main consistent and then developing the project. All the questions are answered via designing and prototyping the new ideas. However, testing of a new idea is also a part of this process.

Since 2017, when it came to the market, Google Design Sprint is helping a large number of companies. It is helping in launching the projects successfully. Taking help of Google Design Sprint saves a lot of time along with money. However, in the process, the quality is never compromised.

The Google Design Sprint is consisting of information and knowledge on various 300 business strategy, user research methods and design thinking. This knowledge was extracted from a much-reputed organization like Stanford school and IDEO. A lot of study of these strategies was involved. After that, effective strategies were extracted and formed in a framework. Now, this available framework helps in convergent thinking and divergent thinking. The convergent thinking of framework will help in defining the logical steps for finally arriving at a logical solution. Divergent thinking moves the direction of the project towards brainstorming. Using both the methods of thinking will provide you many possible problems for your concerned problems.

But before, choosing the Google Design Sprint you should have a goal of meeting challenges and have a proper idea.

How does it work?

The success via Google Design Sprint is achieved with the help of rapid typing along with user testing. Both these factors are important to know the success rate of new idea and product. Not only for bigger ones, it is also useful for small organizations. Both small and big organizations can use this efficiently and effectively. Using this will help them in meeting the deadlines decided for launching the products. Incorporating the new ideas into some useful project is just an added advantage of Google Sprint. A great process for aligning the vision with the team and focusing on thinking of idea which is user centred.

It works in 5 stages:

  • Unpack: Getting together the team members and choosing them
  • Sketch: Finding the solution for problem
  • Decide: Finding the best possible solution
  • Prototype: At this stage testing of different ideas take place
  • Validate: Observation of interaction of users to encounter new problems

Situations for using Google Design Sprint

The organizations are quite active in using Google Design Sprint. They are using this five-phase framework in the following conditions:

  • Extending the existing experience for a new platform.
  • Providing better opportunities for users in the terms of UX design
  • Improving more and more opportunities for products and services.
  • Adding new and improved features to products
  • Especially during the launch of the new product as well as new service.
  • Helps in speeding up the process of development.
  • Empowering the development team
  • Enhancing the collaboration and sharing among members of the team.
  • Solving problems related to launching a new product.

Author Bio: Prince is working in Website Designing Company in India at Web Designing House. He is Expertise in SEO, SMO, Content Marketing. Area of interests is Website Designing, Website Development and Gaming.

About Prince Nirala

Prince Nirala is working in Website Designing Company in India at Web Designing House. He is expertized in SEO, SMO and Content Marketing. Area of interests is Web Designing, Web Development and Gaming.

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