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Havells brings out ‘Shock Ka Vaccination’ campaign – ET BrandEquity

#ShockKaVaccination: Havells highlights real-life experiences to promote RCCB offerings with Vijay Raaz

Havells has launched a new campaign #ShockKaVaccination, which aims to bring to the fore the importance of residual circuit current breaker ‘RCCB’ in ensuring electrical safety and keeping the house safe from an electric shock for its residents..

RCCB, in case of current leakage, cuts off the circuit immediately upon human touch, thus preventing the body from getting an electric shock. The campaign emphasises the role of this simple yet very effective life saving device, that many tend to ignore, in a clutter-breaking, impactful way.

The campaign sees actor Vijay Raaz in the role of an electrician, but under the garb of a doctor, a baba and a bomb squad commando urging people to get their homes vaccinated against electrical shock with Havells RCCB.

Amit Tiwari, vice president – marketing, Havells, said, “The digital film visually emphasises on the risk of an electric shock in the absence of RCCB – a very simple yet vital device which should be a part of every home. We have highlighted the role of electrician, as the real hero who advises and ensures consumer safety. The idea ‘Shock Ka Vaccination’ couldn’t have made it more contextual, relevant and effective. We don’t really take this aspect of home electrical safety too seriously and it’s high time that we reach out to consumers and tell them that it’s as crucial as getting vaccinated against any probable illness.”

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