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http status codes SEO best practice

HTTP Status Codes in SEO

http status codes SEO best practice

HTTP status codes are the responses that servers give for user’s requests. When we want to visit some website, our browser sent some request to site server, server sends a response to the browser’s request with three digit codes known as “HTTP Status Codes”. Status codes are the conversation codes between your browser and server. Codes specifies the result of your request whether the status is Okay,  pending , or something is wrong. Understanding the http status codes SEO best practice, as they are helpful to diagnose site error as quickly as possible.

here by we’re trying to let you know about major http status codes or errors which are highly recommended by webmasters to be resolved.

HTTP Status Codes 200 – OK

This is an ideal status code that reflects everyday, normal , proper functioning of your web page. Http status codes 200 is usually set checking whether status of our webpage is OK or not.

HTTP Status Code 301 – Permanent Redirect

Http status codes 301 is set when URL need to be redirected to new URL permanently. When the new URL of website is created then http status code 301 redirects the visitors landing on old URL to new URL .

HTTP Status Code 302 – Temporary Redirect

Http status codes 302 is similar to 301, as the visitors landing on a page are redirected to new URL but for temporary period. This code 302 instruct search engine crawler to treat the redirect as temporary, means it does’nt pass along the link equity as 301 code does.

HTTP Status Code 403- Forbidden

Http status codes 403 generates when user has to permission to access any page. When someone tries to access some page or resources but it is forbidden i-e user is not allowed to view that page for some reason.

HTTP Status Code 404 – Not Found

Http status code 404  generates when user makes a request for any webpage but that webpage is not found. One can see how it looks by typing in a URL that does not exist. In SEO simple solution for code 404 is create 301 redirection to the home page for the given domain. It is bad effect that page returning 404 codes that are high authority pages with lots of traffic or having an  obvious URL that visitors intends to reach. These kind of pages need 301 redirection to most relevant pages.

Http Status Code Soft 404

Http status codes soft 404 is similar to 404 , it generates when requesting URL is present but page is not found.

HTTP Status Code 410 – Gone

Http status code 410 is permanent than 404 error code that indicates page has gone permanently. It is reflects that page is no longer available from the server and forwarding address has not been set up. Links on your site having 410 page sends visitors to dead resource..

HTTP Status Code 500 – Internal Server Error

Http Status Code 5xx indicates the error from server end. Http status codes 500 may effect your site. Code 500 indicates the pages on your site are missing. It is server side issue. When one send request and search engine unable to response the request.

HTTP Status Code 503 – Service Unavailable

Http status code 503 generates when server is unavailable for servicing. When someone send requests for webpage is server is under maintenance so it will not response the request. Search engine is unavailable for short period of time and will shortly return back.

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