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Off page SEO techniques


Off Page SEO Techniques- what and why

Off page SEO techniques are primarily used for promotion of a business’s products and services. It helps websites in improving their website traffic as well as ranking of SERP. Off page activities  focuses on link building through Article promotion, Images/Banner , Forums, Blogs, Classified Ads , Social Bookmarking , press release and much more. It also includes social media engagement to attract traffic to your website and thereby increasing potential to earn leads. The benefits of using this technique are far important in getting business exposure. Though these activities takes its sweet little time but once done correctly , it does provide long term good effects to your business. OFF PAGE SEO TECHNIQUE


Off page SEO techniques is all about building your online reputation. Search engines like Google look for reputable, trustworthy websites to display in search results. If Google recognizes your hotel website as high quality, it increases the likelihood that you’ll rank higher on the results page.


The activities involved in off page optimization technique can’t be seen on webpage itself as in on page optimization; it does the background work for a better search result. By applying proper keyword in the different Off page SEO techniques , you can make sure that your website is visible to search engines.

Let’s go through the different activities one by one –

  1. Local Listing/ Business Listing : It means registering your business on different local directories which leaves an impression to the crawler(bot or spider) indicating the relevancy of business when a search query is made by user .
  2. Article Submission :  This activity involves submission of quality articles relevant to your business on different article submission sites to generate traffic mostly.
  3. File Sharing : It means sharing and submitting files (PDF, Word etc) to related websites in order to leave a trail of your business and to generate lead.
  4. Info graphic submission : It means submitting graphically represented data on respective submission sites to generate backlinks as well as traffic for the website.
  5. Image/Banner submission : Image Submission involves posting images or banners on various image submission sites such as pinterest , tumblr , photobucket etc . It helps in creating an impression of your business on the audience leading to traffic on the website as well as potential leads.
  6. Social Bookmarking : Bookmarking of your website – be it its description or URL on social bookmarking sites is known as social bookmarking. It is important to get high quality backlinks to your website.
  7. Classified Ads : Just like the advertisements we see on newspapers and Billboards , Classified ads related to this technique is writing and submission of classifieds for your business on classifieds websites such as locanto, muamat, olx etc.
  8. Video Promotion : It simply means posting or uploading videos related to your business and it’s products and services . This again create  strong backlinks for your website.
  9. Forum posting : It refers to posting content relevant to your business on forum websites . It is used for creating backlinks and generate traffic. With forum posting one can be aware of the current market trends and scenarios ; therefore stay updated about any technology or products or services.
  10. Question and answers submission : Submitting questions or answers relevant to your business can make it visible to the audience . It is a great way to attract traffic and earn leads.
  11. Micro blogging : A micro blog is a small post that is used to share brief information pertaining to a product or service that is in accordance with your business. Posting on micro blogging sites is usually done to send a quick and short message to potential customers in order to get conversions.
  12. Web 2.0: These are the websites which allow anyone to create a webpage along with unique URL . These websites are the extension of World wide web and often called Second generation of World Wide Web . They are focussed to provide interactive platform to people so that they can share information with huge masses for e.g Facebook , Twitter , Reddit, StumbleUpon etc.
  13. Press Release : Releasing Information about newly launched product and services through press  releasing sites is done to achieve good amount of traffic .
  14. Blog Commenting : Blog Commenting is making an impression of your business or it’s website on different Blogs by commenting on blogs  to get a quality backlinks.


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