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OTT: 60% people use social media to discover new content – ET BrandEquity

60% people use social media to discover new content.

2020 was the year the streaming wars intensified and in 2021 we will see more of the same.

Brightcove has surveyed over 3,000 people ages 16+, in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan to gain insights into consumer behaviour so OTT services understand viewers’ preferences, likes, and needs to deliver the services and content consumers want, where they want.

The key Insights from South Asia are social media is paramount and 60% of respondents use social media to discover new content and platforms.

Ads are acceptable but for a lower fee. 33% are willing to pay lower or no fee in return for watching ads, only 24% are willing to pay a higher fee for no ads.

Mobile viewing is a must-have. 70% of viewers prefer to consume content on their mobile phones, followed by TVs (55%) and personal computers (53%).

People want subscription choices. 64% of viewers want a monthly subscription, whether it’s SVOD, AVOD, or a hybrid of both.

Viewers embrace free content. 55% of viewers have one or more free online video sharing services as their go-to TV viewing platforms.

Multiple subscriptions do add up and can become costly to maintain over time. If customers feel maxed out with subscription services, ad-supported options may become popular among consumers watching their spending.

Too much unwatched content may mean that the content library does not meet market needs or lacks enough market-relevant content to watch. OTT providers need to research and map a content strategy that will appeal to local audiences and understand their audience’s content preferences and habits, all of which are critical for customer acquisition and retention, the report said.

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