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outbound marketing strategies

Outbound Marketing Strategies

Outbound marketing strategies aim to commence a conversation about a product or service by quickly spreading word of its existence through a variety of traditional marketing methods. When most non-marketers think of the word “marketing,” it’s this classic definition that they refer to. Whether a marketer puts up an advertisement on the T.V. or IN the newspaper, these traditional ways are still highly recommended by many industry professionals.

What is Outbound Marketing?

Outbound marketing refers to any form of marketing where a company commences the conversation and sends its message out to an audience. It is a traditional marketing, here concern is towards the seller not towards the customers.

outbound marketing strategy

Outbound marketing is best suited for mass market, when your target audience volume is high.


What Are Outbound Marketing Methods?

Outbound marketing, aka “traditional marketing”, refers to the old ways that companies went about making connections with customers.

Perhaps it’s best to contrast outbound marketing with inbound marketing – the latter being what most of us are more familiar with these days.

Outbound marketing, by contrast, is all about a company initiating customer connections and conversations itself, sending messages directly to a targeted audience.

Examples of outbound marketing strategies include:

  • TV commercials
  • Radio commercials
  • Trade shows
  • Print advertisements – i.e. newspaper and magazine ads, brochures, flyers, posters and printed catalogues
  • Email blasts
  • Cold calls

In short, outbound marketing tries to reach potential customers through traditional media advertising and in-person contact. The purpose is to generate sales leads, which are then passed across to internal sales representatives.


For what types of consumers is outbound marketing effective?

The older the customer, the higher the probability that outbound marketing strategies will impact them. For one, it’s the way of marketing most older consumers are used to. They’re happy & used to be with television and radio ads, and may even make a point of scanning newspaper ads and flyers when they are ready to buy. Whereas inbound marketing is usually provided through technologies that older consumers still struggle to understand and trust—(most of) the media used in outbound marketing feels more relevant and welcoming.

Outbound marketing techniques also prove to be significantly effective in business-to-business marketing, and/or with transactions involving higher-end products.


Why Use Outbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing generates better leads and cost is also less but still business are using outbound marketing because of these reasons:

  1. To Be Competitive:

Competitors are still using outbound marketing services to reach wider customer segment, they are reaching to target as well as non-target audience which is generating awareness. So to become competitive into marketing you still need to use outbound marketing.

  1. Quick Lead Generation:

Outbound marketing can help you to do instant sales through instant lead generation. Creating newspaper ads by giving 30% off on clothes for Saturday and Sunday will encourage customers to buy clothes on Saturday and Sunday and also increase footfall instantly.

  1. Branding:

Branding matters, to keep doing outbound marketing services also increase the branding and promotional campaign on mass marketing helps to acquire new customers.

  1. Closing deal through outbound is a key:

To close the deal outbound marketing is very effective, after qualified lead generation it’s important to connect with them and push towards sales. By telecalling or emailing you can encourage them to buy products. Give them discount or add more features or solve query can improve your sales.

Some major ways you can utilize Outbound to Support Your Inbound Efforts

  • Use your outbound campaigns to build a clear picture of your perfect prospect and learn about what they engage with from your offering.
  • Outbound email can be used to spread out your content to the right people
  • By using display retargeting on content to transform more engaged leads
  • Use outbound email campaigns to appoint relevant influencers to extend your reach
  • You can also use outbound email to find guest writing opportunities to increase your thought leadership and brand awareness


Factors in Outbound Marketing

  • Market variation:Different markets require different campaigns.
  • Market accessibility:Channels and promotions may need to be developed for hard-to-reach markets.
  • Novelty:Newer products need more explanation and encouragement.
  • Competition:More dynamic promotion is required where the competition is more vicious.
  • Budget:Work within your limits.


Benefits of Outbound Marketing

  • Instant ROI– You will able to generate instantly lads or increase your sales.
  • Less time– It takes less time to implement and to achieve result as compared to inbound marketing.
  • Mass Targeting– It gives you facility of mass marketing and mass targeting, you can target to a particular geographic area like: city, state.
  • Lead to landing page– It directly send leads to landing page and covert them, no relationship management is needed in few marketing methods. Landing pages works well.
  • Highly targeted – With Inbound Marketing you might get a lot of traffic but its most likely that most of them won’t be your target audience.  With Outbound Marketing techniques you can be very specific & particular about whom you target.
  • Immediate – If you start off a website and create a blog post it would be 6 months before you get any consistent traffic to it. With outbound marketing techniques, you can get a response immediately.  Based on the feedback you know what’s working and not working and adapt accordingly.
  • Scalable – You can create a list of potential customers, reach out and then build another list. You only run out when you’ve targeted all of your potential audience.


Top Outbound Marketing Companies

  1. KEO Marketing
  2. G2 Crowd
  3. Outbound Creative
  4. Metric Fox
  5. Baker Marketing Services
  6. Omne Presents
  7. Outbound Engine
  8. Corpzone Services
  9. High Purple
  10. Outbound Marketing India



The best marketing method for your business will be the one that works for you & leads to favorable outcomes. Always try new things while you continue to do the old things that are working. Examine your data frequently, and be on top of any changes you see. Your mix of inbound & outbound marketing  strategies will almost certainly change with time and as technology updates new features and ways of connecting with people.

In some instances, outbound marketing techniques are still a good way to attract customers. Traditional media or outbound marketing methods continue to reach people almost everywhere in their everyday lives.

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