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How Pinterest differs from Instagram


Pinterest and Instagram, both are commonly used apps and social sites nowadays. People love to spend more time on the social media like Facebook and Twitter. But, now, in this digital era, everyone wants to be more social. So, the people are using different platforms to make themselves on the top and visible on the social channels. In this post, we will discuss how Pinterest differs from Instagram and which one is more useful for Business?

What is Instagram?

Like Facebook and Twitter, Instagram is a social networking application which allows you to share photos and videos from your smartphone. It is an internet-based application which allows one to share photos either publicly or privately to limited followers. Only the registered users can upload their images and videos. They can use the features of digital filters, geotags and hashtags. One can go for interacting with other via following them. It is available for free of cost on Android devices and iOS devices.


Instagram for business

Nowadays, People are using Instagram for expanding their business. The Instagram marketing is making its place in the strategies of promoting the product.  You can use the brand name for creating a profile on it. It should be accompanied by a short description of your product, service or company. You can also use it in an excellent way to tell about the nature of the business. The profile photo should be the logo of the company. People who are following you on other social websites will definitely recognize the logo and will start following you on Instagram. 

You can use Instagram for adding value to customers and can turn the traffic towards your website. Never ignore the importance of Instagram as it increases visual content. It is a good way to build a social network which connects many people via visual elements. Marketers are using this platform for the growth. Taking Instagram photos through the proper marketing channels is the best way. The traffic on Instagram is super engaged.  Instagram helps the audience in bringing back for purchase again and again. As the audience is in the habit of sharing their pictures, you can share their pictures after asking their permission.


What is Pinterest

Today, the marketers are accepting the importance of social media websites. They are utilizing this opportunity for promoting the business. They are turning a large traffic on their websites for business purpose. In this aspect, you can not ignore the virtual aspects. It is a platform where users can utilize share as well as save their content via pinboards.

Pinterest for Business

The business purpose, you can create the account like all other social media websites. The brand name represents your company. So, creating the account by this name will help your audience in recognizing you. Pinterest is the key opportunity for reaching to potential customers. You can utilize it to enhance the performance of social media and beat the competitors in the market. It interests those people who continuously search for new ideas and new products. Many users use this social media platform for discovering the product and brand. It influences the purchase decision.

Here, pins are using to save as Pinterest for images as well as videos. And, these pins link to their original source. So, they are the great source of turning traffic towards your website. You can add save button to the website which will allow the user to pin the content in just a single click. Always Pin something on Pinterest at least once in a day to have consistency. Focus on creating visuals is an efficient as well as an effective way for promoting the product on Pinterest. Showcasing the images in a creative way should be your priority.

Visuals must be accompanied by words as they are more appealing to the audience. Adding description to the images will make them click. In case, you are pinning different images with same content, then the content must be unique for each one.


How Pinterest differs from Instagram:

Should you go for Pinterest or Instagram for business?

Now, the question arises, Pinterest or Instagram? Which one is better for Business? Either you should go on Pinterest or is it Instagram more useful?

Let’s take similarities first. As human brain is more prone to images, therefore visual platforms are more beneficial. Both these social media platforms are focusing on visual content. Utilizing the visual tools for business purposes are an advantage for you. But there is a difference in both of them. Pinterest is focusing on curating the visual images which are available on the internet. Whereas, Instagram is related to sharing own photos.

Therefore, it is very important to understand the nature of images on these social media platforms.  The understanding of these images is necessary to maximize the chances of getting attention and engagement of users.

The brand awareness in the proper way will let your business get profit.


In Pinterest, each and every pin is linked to the source which is generally an external website. In case of Instagram, it can direct the users to a link only. However, in both the cases, the goal is to generate traffic.


In Pinterest, the user focuses on searching the curation of the content of other users. Like search engines, it can be used for discovering the specific content, tips, inspiration or products. In the case of Instagram, users take images and videos from their handsets and apply captions and filers for sharing the image. It is a little bit personal for engaging the users in the brand.

Target audience

Pinterest usually targets female audience as it has a large number of females from all over the world as users. In case of Instagram, it is nothing like females are target audiences. Men are also active users of Instagram.

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