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What is Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing Techniques

What is Viral Marketing?

Viral marketing technique mentions to a technique in marketing a product or a service where consumers help in expanding the advertiser’s message to other websites or the users create a layout which can lead to miscellaneous growth.


Viral in actual sense means anything which expands fast among users. This phrase is specifically used in context with the web or mobile domain. Viral marketing technique is described as a marketing strategy which inspires users to spread or share the message to other users which can lead to countless growth.

The reason to make use or virility, the simplicity in spreading and sharing, is however a double-edged sword. We cannot forget that in this type of campaign, a large part of the control falls into the hands of the users, and we risk the message being misunderstood. On the other hand, a successful viral campaign can work like magic for your brand’s results.

How a Viral Marketing Campaign Works?

Building and creating a viral marketing campaign into action is basically creating content so engaging and so attractive that people can’t help but share it with their friends or relatives.

You plan and present the content. You make it as shareable as possible. Then you release it in the hopes that it spread through word of mouth.

viral marketing campaign

This is what makes it unpredictable. Not everything a marketer creates will resonate with their audience. And even if it does, not every rich piece will convince users to spread it to their circles.

Avenues of viral marketing

The viral effect can spread via many different networks, including:

  • Word-of-mouth
  • Email
  • Social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc)
  • Video sharing sites (Youtube, Vimeo, etc)
  • Web forums

Viral Marketing Techniques:

Broadly classified, there are 5 different techniques that can help your brand go viral. These are:

1. PR coverage

When your PR teams work together to fetch you a coverage by a big media organization. The coverage can be for any public event or for a new campaign. The objective here is to reach both your and their audiences.

2. Paid advertising across social

All social media platforms now offer paid advertisement options. This is the easiest way to get discovered by thousands of viewers.

3. Features on other blogs

Post on other trending blogger’s platforms as a guest blogger in turn to be able to reach their audiences as well. The analogy holds true too – having features of other bloggers on your platforms will also increase your traffic & reach.

4. Social outreach programs

Social outreach, also known as ‘pro bono work’ which means professional work undertaken voluntarily and without payment, is a great method of reaching out to your communities and audiences. As a plus advantage, you could invite volunteers from your community so that they would also share posts about the event.

5. Social Media CTAs

CTAs (Calls-To-Action) are great tool for instantly increasing reach, traffic, generating leads and monitoring campaign performance and improving conversion rates.


Role of Viral Marketing In Brand Awareness

Viral marketing strategies have been doing well within the Internet industry. The popularity may be over now, but it is still noteworthy. It is difficult to measure the future of a product when it comes to viral marketing.

Role of Viral Marketing In Brand Awareness

The messages may reach out to people outside the targeted audience. They in turn, may or may not carry forward the message or may communicate it in a different way. This may change the way your product is seen and there is a possibility that the result may turn out to be something you do not desire.

Advantages of Viral Marketing

  • An Enhanced Customer List

Enhanced Customer List - viral marketing

Having a quality customer list is important for online marketing because your existing customers will show more interest in your newly introductions than the potential customers. Therefore, it can be said that it is not just about the quantity but also the quality of your customers that moves your business.

Every loyal customer you already have or obtain in time adds to your customer list and viral marketing strategies works perfectly to increase this list through word-of-mouth recommendations.


  • Lesser Time – More Growth


Viral marketing is contagious! Once viral marketing reveals a group of people, it gets expand everywhere and attracts other people as well.

Lesser Time – More Growth - viral marketing

In return, your sales and profit increase because it engages people to your website, which results in higher traffic, more clicks & even more conversion.


  • More Credibility

viral marketing technique - Credibility

Your credibility is increased across your audience because viral marketing technique is simply based upon personal suggestions. When you are suggested and shared by masses, you and your products get more attention from people.

In the end, you get higher traffic and better comments because you get more credibility as a result of one good event leading to another good one.


  • Greater Exposure – Greater Visibility

One of the main aims of viral marketing strategies is providing your brand better & greater visibility, which goes without saying.

viral marketing strategies - Visibility

The more your products and services are suggested or recommended, shared and commented upon, the more it leads to greater visibility.


  • Cheaper

Viral marketing -cheaper cost

Once you start to get enough visibility around the internet, your promotional costs will start to decrease because you will not need to spend extra money on promoting your site.

In summation, you can save your advertising investment as well because advertising will be done by being recommended by your existing loyal customers.


Top viral marketing companies:

  1. Digital Force
  2. Coalition Technologies
  3. DHS Digital
  4. Viralseeding
  5. The viral factory
  6. Shamoor
  7. viralmarketinginc
  8. OMLogic
  9. Viralmint
  10. Corpzone Services


If you are acknowledging hiring viral marketing company, you need to acknowledge the advantages and disadvantages and plans to handle them. In spite of the potential risks viral marketing has the potential to attract the maximum potential customers at a reasonably low cost, enhancing the reach of your business.

Viral marketing is beneficial for any type of industry! If you happen to start with a startup, viral marketing strategies would benefit you in the long run for sure.

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