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What Content Does Google Like and Why


Do you know what content does google like and why? In the year 2003, Google applied for a patent on the basis of document scoring which was Document Content Update. The score of the content was based on an algorithm which shows the freshness of content. So, for many years, the websites who are regularly updating their content on websites regularly with fresh updates for their users are accounting for liked by Google.

Importance of Fresh content in Google

In the search algorithm of Google, fresh content has been always the number one choice for Google. The fresh content on the Google always remains in ranking. The information which is based on today’s scenario will hold more importance than the previous information. The spectacularly feature of the content increases more with the recent updates and how creative it has been written. The value of the content in Google reduces as the time passes away. Thus, it is clear from Google that Google always like fresh content and recent updates on it.

The value of webpage decreases with time and become less important and relevant. But, it is not necessary every time content is updated. For example, history cannot be changed nothing can be updated in the history of anything. It will always relevant as it is now and after 10 years also its relevance will not decrease.

However, on the other hand, there is content whose relevance depends only on the freshness they will hold. So, Google will give importance in such cases to the freshness of content like recent happenings in the world, reviews etc. Therefore, Google wants to serve the relevant web pages only to its user. Then it makes all sense that Google will give importance to fresh content only.

Increase in search for certain queries may create the buzz of content. It contributes to the ranking of a website in support of growing importance of users in the subject. The users have interest in hot topics.

Take an example. If you search for the latest event of New Year, then all the websites with New Year 2018 will get space in search results.

Google also added the feature of timestamps in the results of search queries. It will show the importance of particular pages not only to Google but its users too. For example, you type Narendra Modi on a search engine. Then you will get much information on him but you want to have the latest one. You do not want to have information about him that is months old. You want something latest. Google will assume your intention and will give results with the time stamp like 1 day ago or will display the dates of publishing the news.

What Content Does Google Like and Why: How to keep the content fresh?

The most effective and efficient method for a regular update on the current website is Content Management System. It is also known as CMS. You can offer new updates to the audience by using blogs on WordPress. The blogging has to gain popularity to catch the attention of SEO. Blogs offer you the opportunity to stay updated with recent information on your webpage without disturbing the whole content of the webpage. Nowadays, it is commonly used for updating the information as well as content on a webpage. It is becoming the best way to catch the attention of the audience to your product, service, and website.

If you already have a blog, then observe its ranking and popularity. It might have been ranked by Google and SEO in good rankings. But with time the ranking has slipped from top to bottom. So adding the current information to the content will bring you back into the game of Google Ranking. The Google will notice if you recycle your post again and again. So, don’t try this one and act like smart one and later feel a fool.

If you are making a big change in the content of the webpage, it will have more importance. Therefore, making changes in a word or two will not have any large impact on freshness. In addition to these changing a sentence will also not have an effect on the freshness of content. Adding keyword at right place may give a boost in ranking on Google. It is not necessary, it will add freshness look to content.

No duplicate work

Since the beginning, Google always like the unique content which is original. It will not accept the duplicate work and will never bring your website in ranking. So, content with uniqueness and quality will help you in the improvement of ranking. It will also have a positive effect on your business.

Google always prefer the unique content. While creating content, try to stay focus on strong headlines. Good headlines always catch the attention of the audiences.

The actionable content is the choice of Google. Content giving the information on how to use or apply the given information is a choice of Google.

Accurate reporting

Writing a blog with accurate information and statistics will up bring the image of the company. Providing accurate information via the blog will reflect the image of the company. The accuracy of acts will bring you in the action of ranking of Google.

Provoking content

Google likes the content reflecting the post which includes the questions which reflect the implementation of knowledge.

Images and Videos

Content accompanied by Images and videos create interest in the users. The Google also like such content and give rankings. Simply reading text does not create the interest.


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